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Each ingredient has the possibility to create one of three spells, depending on the alignment of the talisman it combines with - chaos, neutral, or law.

The following information should give you more insight into which of the three possibilities will give you the greater advantage.

bloodstone bloodstone creates: vampire| bloodlust| subversion
brimstone brimstone creates: meteor shower| troll| lightning
diamond diamond creates: dragon| mountain giant| storm giant
fly agarric fly agarric creates: harpy| morph| centaur
iron pyrite iron pyrite creates: pestilence| goblin| iron skin
lapis lazuli lapis lazuli creates: fear| minotaur| totem of pacifism
mercury mercury creates: lure| haste| elf
moonstone moonstone creates: dragons breath| dryad| excalibur
nightshade nightshade creates: skeleton| fireball| bury
obsidian obsidian creates: gorgon stare| disenchant| knight
phosphorous phosphorous creates: demon| wind elemental| totem of life
psillosibin psillosibin creates: zombie| eagle| faerie
saphire saphire creates: fire elemental| totem of remote casting| judgement
silver silver creates: totem of resurrection| totem of guarding| griffin
spindle tree spindle tree creates: gooey blob| giant spider| scythian bow
tourmaline tourmaline creates: wraith| invisibility| magic eye
valerian valerian creates: raise dead| wolf| heal
zircon zircon creates: dwarf boar rider| teleport| totem of light

ingredients by name

bloodstone|brimstone|diamond|fly agarric|iron pyrite|lapis lazuli


saphire|silver|spindle tree|tourmaline|valerian|zircon

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