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" Minotaurs are large, humanoids with the head of a bull. They carry a large axe.
Whenever a minotaur gets more than 75% damage, it will enter a bloodlust stage. It will remain in bloodlust until it is healed above 25% health (or killed). "

self bloodlusting!
picks up
excellent combat skills
high health
fast moving

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experience promotions


A chief minotaur has double the attack strength.

lord - "disenchant"

A lord minotaur they has the ability to remove enchantments, using disenchant.

tips and tactics

using minotaurs

defeating minotaurs

alternative spell choices

Minotaur is a fierce combat unit, similar in strength to a centaur.

The spell ingredient lapis lazuli can produce the spells:
  • fear,
  • summon minotaur and
  • totem of pacifism.

  • ingredient

    lapis lazuli

    All three spells are completely different, and your choice comes down to your tactics: will you be a defensive wizard, an aggressive wizard, or a summoning wizard? Fear can be effectively wielded to part waves of enemy troops, totem of pacifism can be handy in times of protection of your wizard or important locations, but unless you have the centaurs, minotaurs are an effective troop of choice.

    Got a minotaur tactic? let us know!