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" The goblin is the cannon fodder of the neutral army. Cheap to create, they are small, fast and cunning, carrying short swords. "

not undead
picks up
moderate armour
moderate combat rating

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experience promotions


A chief goblin will have double the attack strength.

lord - "frenzy"

A goblin lord can cast bloodlust on his fellow goblins.

tips and tactics

using goblins

defeating goblins

alternative spell choices

The goblin is abolutely nothing special, and zombies, skeletons and wolves will do the same job.

The spell ingredient iron pyrite can produce the spells:
  • pestilence,
  • summon goblin and
  • iron skin.

  • ingredient

    iron pyrite

    There are enough alternatives to the goblin to knock it out of the running. The trouble with iron skin, like bloodlust is that it's effect wears off just when you need it!
    Pestilence is much more reliable.

    Got a goblin tactic? let us know!