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" Cast on a location, the judgement spell causes a light beam to shoot down from above, creating an area effect on the ground.
It affects all creatures caught within the blast, irrespective of race. Chaos creaures caught in the radius will take a large amount of damage, or instantly explode! Neutral creatures will take medium to little damage. Law creatures not only take any damage, but get healed by the effect!"
Alignment: Lawful

has no effect on wizards
too expensive

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tips and tactics

using judgement

Judgement is very powerful, and very exensive, and is best used against packs of enemy chaos troops.

Judgement is particularly useful in dealing with packs of almost invincible enemy dragons, and being an area effect it can clear areas you suspect of being occupied by invisible wraiths.

defeating judgement

By picking only lawful summonable creatures for your armies, an enemy's judgement effect will not only have no damaging effect on your troops, but will heal them!

alternative spell choices

Bury, is similar to judgement but is much cheaper to use. The main difference is that bury works [outright] on undead creatures (based on a saving throw), whereas judgement works [by an amount] on chaos creature.
For example, a dragon is not undead and will not be affected by bury but is a chaos creature so would be heavily injured by judgement.

The spell ingredient saphire can produce the spells:
  • fire elemental,
  • totem of remote casting and
  • judgement.

  • ingredient


    These spells are top end of the market, and are all very powerful.
    The Totem of Remote Casting facilitates a more landscape/'posession of POPS ' approach to the game, wearing the opponent down by starving him of mana. Apocalpyse is a massively damaging spell, but since it has a perfect equal in meteor shower, judgement is the spell of choice for saphire. It is still a huge effect but discriminatory - a wizard can stand in the middle of the effect while all around him chaos creatures bite the dust.

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