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" The fireball can be cast on a creature or location. It fires a ball of fire in a straight line. Damage is caused by impact, and subsequent burn damage as the target continues to burn."
Alignment: Neutral

lacks accuracy

More info on burning here

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tips and tactics

using fireball

Be careful! The fireball will cause damage to your won troops if hit accidentally, and to your own wizard if the target is too close.

Dryads are particulary susceptible to fire, buring for a long time afterwards but ALL creatures will be injured by the same amount from the initial blast.

defeating fireball

The fireball is not an arced projectile unlike an elf's arrow, so keeping an obstruction in the way of the caster will stop it reaching it's target.

Also, smoothering the enemy wizard with lots of cheap troops in close proximity will at least ensure that if a fireball is cast, the enemy wizard will be injured in the blast too.

alternative spell choices

Fireball is an offensive spell, So other offensive spells such as lightning, dragon's breath, meteor shower or fire elemental will serve a similarly aggressive attacking purpose.

The spell ingredient nightshade can produce the spells:
  • summon skeleton,
  • fireball and
  • bury

  • ingredient


    The fireball is a weak and inaccurate weapon, but skeletons can be handy, cheap troops to have at your disposal. I would only take in bury above skeletons if I hadn't already got judgement.

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