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" The dryad is a female form that lives in the forests of Albion. They symbolise the spirit of trees. They are made of wood and bark, and carry a long whip made up of vines. "

immune to pestilence
good armour/defence
invisible near trees
picks up
very slow
very vunerable to fire

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experience promotions

chief - "natural repair"

A chief dryad will self heal when positioned near trees in the landscape.

lord - "haste"

A lord dryad will cast haste on other allied dryads, making them much more mobile.

tips and tactics

using dryads

Teir high defence and attack ratings, but low speeds, make them perfect for static guarding duties and defending POPs (places of power).

defeating dryads

Challenge dryads with fire weapons, such as the fireball or dragon's breath spells, or with creatures with fire attacks, such as dragons.

Keep on the move - dryad's are slow and will not be able to match your speed.

alternative spell choices

Dryads remain a poor troop for their cost. Their 'special' abilities really never seem to make the difference.

The spell ingredient moonstone can produce the spells:
  • dragon's breath,
  • summon dryad and
  • excalibur

  • ingredient


    Despite the extra abilities of healing and invisibily, the dryad is hopeless. Dragon's breath probably just comes out on top of this forgettable selection, because it's damage is ranged, and the burning caused by the large impact can last long afterwards.

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