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" Dragons are just like multi-role combat aircraft - they can scout, breath fire from the air, or attack a creature in hand to hand combat. "

excellent combat rating
long range combat skills
high health
fast moving
not undead
vunerable to gorgon stare
can't pick up

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experience promotions

chief - "explosive breath"

A chief dragon's fire breathing transforms into an explosive mixture, from fireball to dragon's breath

lord - "immune to gorgon stare"

The lord dragon becomes immune to gorgon stare.

tips and tactics

using dragons

Create them, then create havoc.

A single dragon is vunerable, but if mana is no object, a pack of dragons, forcibly made to move and attack at your command (rather than left to their own devices), is almost impossible to defend against.

defeating dragons

Dragon's are of a chaos alignment, and thus can be heavily damaged or killed using the expensive judgement spell.

Dragon's are flying creatures, and therefore can be killed by turning them to stone whilst in flight, using the gorgon's stare spell, which a chief demon will also cast automatically.

Elf arrows are 3 times more damaging against dragon scales.

Finally, the knight is rumoured to be a dragon killer...

alternative spell choices

If you can afford it's cost, Dragon is a very powerful creature to have, although there are alternative strong, flying creatures such as the lawful griffin. However the griffin has no long range combat attack.

The spell ingredient diamond can produce the spells:
  • summon dragon,
  • summon mountain giant and
  • summon storm giant.

  • ingredient


    Dragon, mountain giant and storm giant are supposedly the top creatures in each alignment, so all are powerful in their own ways.
    The mountain giant's indiscriminate punch can cause as much injury to your own local troops as to the targetted enemy, and without a long range attack, it puts this creature last on the list.
    Whilst the storm giant may also be slow, the range of it's long range combat throws, and the amount of damage the projectile produces makes it formidable.
    However, the dragon comes out on top because it flies, it travels fast, and has a long range attack, all three qualities of which easily compensate for it being the most vunerable

    Got a dragon tactic? let us know!