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" The eagle has keen eyesight. When an eagle attacks it swoops over its victim gashing it with its talons, and flies past. It prefers to avoid entanglement."

great eyesight
not undead
can't pick up
poor combat rating
low health

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experience promotions

chief - "double sight"

The chief eagle has an increased visual range.

lord - "infinite sight"

The lord eagle has such a large visual range that in completely uncovers the FOW, allowing you to see the entire scanner map.

tips and tactics

using eagles

The eagle is best used as a scout, but can be used to harry enemy creatures with its swooping attack.

defeating eagles

alternative spell choices

The eagle is similar to a faerie but weaker and without a useful long range attack.

The spell ingredient psillosibin can produce the spells:
  • summon zombie,
  • summon eagle and
  • summon faerie.

  • ingredient


    All three of the creatures are bottom of the range, but being so cheap allows them to be cast in packs, ans in packs they can all be devastating. The fearie is the most powerful of the three able to move the fast to a target, and attack with a long range combat that the other two don't have.

    Got an eagle tactic? let us know!