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" Demons are the ultimate chaos warriors, perfect for leading chaos armies into combat. "

excellent combat rating
high health
excellent experience upgrades
slow moving
they are undead
picks up

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experience promotions

chief - "deadly claws"

A chief inflicts double attack damage.

lord - "paralysis"

A lord demon has the ability to paralyse creatures using the gorgon stare spell, before moving in for the kill.

tips and tactics

using demons

Create them, then create havoc.

defeating demons

Demon's are undead, and thus can be killed outright using bury.
They are also chaos alignment, and thus can be heavily damaged or killed using the more expensive judgement

alternative spell choices

If you can afford it's cost, Demon is a very powerful creature to have, although there are alternative strong creatures such as the neutral minotaur.

The spell ingredient phosphorus can produce the spells:
  • summon demon,
  • wind elemental and
  • totem of life.

  • ingredient


    This is another really tough spell choice. Despite the power of the wind elemental it does have alternatives, and the totem of healing does dictate a less roaming game play. Demon is the curent spell of choice here, due to it's power and stunning upgrades.

    Got a demon tactic? let us know!