giant spider

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" Giant spiders fire venom from their mouths as long range attacks. Spiders are camouflaged while still. As soon as they move, they can be seen by the enemy. "

can climb surfaces
good defence
invisible when still
weak HTH
slow moving
can't pick up

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experience promotions

chief - "camoflauge"

A chief spider has the ability to turn invisible when still.

lord - "gooey blob"

A lord spider will cast gooey blob at an enemy, and then shoot at the struggling creature with it's projectile weapon.

tips and tactics

using giant spiders

Spiders can perform a venom attack from a camouflaged position. To unsuspecting enemy units, venom will be fired from out of nowhere.

defeating giant spiders

when choosing targets, spiders are not smart enough to make much distinction between enemy creatures.

alternative spell choices

The giant spider is a bottom of the range attack unit.

The spell ingredient spindle tree can produce the spells:
  • gooey blob,
  • giant spider and
  • scythian bow.

  • ingredient

    spindle tree

    All three spells here are different. A giant spider is a very cheap troop, pretty standard, and ultimately replaceable. When you're in control of the game, scythian bow will let you produce stronger attack forces, but gooey blob is the most versatile spell here and very satisfying to watch when correctly cast against your enemeies.

    Got a giant spider tactic? let us know!