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" Lightning can be cast on a creature or location, conjures up a bolt of lightning that strikes down on the target doing a great deal of damage.
Terrain artifacts will be set alight if flamable."
Alignment: Lawful

Lightning casters include:

  • lord storm giants

    pin-point accurate
    very damaging

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    tips and tactics

    using lightning

    Lightning is so quick, that you can kill an enemy wizard before he even knows you're in range!
    Using the GUI only, you can select the lightning icon and, as soon as a wizard spotted icon appears on screen, a few quick right-clicks of the mouse will cause multiple strikes the wizard in the world.
    This approach, when coming into a game after losing a life, means you can sometimes kill an enemy wizard even before the FOW clears...

    Lighting is also far cheaper than meteor shower, but doesn't have the ranged damage. However, this is because it is pin point accurate, and you can take out enemy troops, god like, without injuring your own troops in the melee.

    defeating lightning

    Run away!

    Seriously though, you can't hide from lightning - it can be cast indoors (!) and you won't be able to escape it from hiding under a tree :(
    So you're options are to get the wizard out of the area using haste, or teleport, or just keep healing yourself with heal or by eating food.

    alternative spell choices

    Lightning is an offensive spell, So other offensive spells such as fireball, dragon's breath, meteor shower or fire elemental will serve a similarly aggressive attacking purpose.

    The spell ingredient brimstone can produce the spells:
  • meteor shower,
  • troll and
  • lightning.

  • ingredient


    Two out of three spells on this ingredient are the most powerful offensive spells available, and that unfortunately knocks the stong, but cheap trolls out of sight.
    The panel is decidely split between lighting and meteor shower: Lightning offers you a pin point damage option, whilst there are plenty of other options for a ranged damage effect like meteor shower. Therefore lighting is too quick and deadly an option to be without.

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