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"Knight are fallen heroes, whose spirits have been summoned back from the dead into suits of armour."

immune to pestilence
good combat
good defence
high health
picks up
destroyed by bury

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experience promotions


A chief knight had double the attack strength.

lord - "excalibur"

The chief knight will cast excalibur on allied knights.

tips and tactics

using knights

Knights are an all round useful troop. Good attack, good defense.

defeating knights

Knights are ethereal spirits (i.e. undead), and therfore their one achilles heal is that they are affected by bury.

alternative spell choices

The knight is a medium quality troop, similar in strength to a (chaos) wraith, or a (neutral) dryad.

The spell ingredient obsidian can produce the spells:
  • gorgon stare,
  • disenchant and
  • summon knight.

  • ingredient


    Disenchant is the nemisis of gorgon's stare, and can be useful to have if your opponent's tactics relies heavily on enchantment spells.
    And while the knight is a useful dragon killer, NOTHING kills a dragon like gorgon stare, the spell of choice here

    Got a knight tactic? let us know!