scythian bow

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" Cast on a creature, scythian bow creates a magical bow that appears above it's head.
This bow fires arrows at any of the casting wizard's enemy units. The bow remains above the creatures head until the creature is slain or disenchant is cast upon the creature.
If excalibur is cast on the creature, then the bow is replaced for a sword."
Alignment: Lawful

Scythian bow casters include:

  • lord elves

    unlimited duration

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    tips and tactics

    using scythian bow

    This enchantment is unlimited duration, so even when your creature count is maxed, you can still keep using your mana up by making your troops more powerful.

    It's also worth casting a bow on your wizard first. This means that when your wizard is being hunted, it will be causing injury to the persuers.

    defeating scythian bow

    Like any other enchantment spell, scythian bow can be instantly removed with the area effect disenchant.

    If it suits your particular battle, it can also be replaced on the attacking creature by casting excalibur to replace it.

    Scythian bow cannot be cast on an enemy!

    alternative spell choices

    Scythian bow is the long range combat version of excalibur. Both perform a similar task.

    The spell ingredient spindle tree can produce the spells:
  • gooey blob,
  • giant spider and
  • scythian bow.

  • ingredient

    spindle tree

    All three spells here are different. A giant spider is a very cheap troop, pretty standard, and ultimately replaceable. When you're in control of the game, scythian bow will let you produce stronger attack forces, but gooey blob is the most versatile spell here and very satisfying to watch when correctly cast against your enemeies.

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