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" These chaos creatures are spawned from the demonic hell pits, deep in the heart of chaos. Here, powerful magic warp unlucky females into winged beasts, ferocious and wild. "

chaos, yet not undead
picks up

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experience promotions


Chief harpies have double the attack strength.

lord - "lure"

The lord harpy receives the ability to cast lure onto enemy creatures, causing enemy creatures to be attacked by their own kind.

tips and tactics

using harpies

Harpies are the only collectors, or indeed the only creatures who can pick stuff up AND fly, making them very useful for collecting those hard-to-reach items.

Harpies know no fear and will attack enemies close by. They will willingly fly into battle.

defeating harpies

alternative spell choices

Harpies are similar to eagles.

The spell ingredient fly agarric can produce the spells:
  • summon harpy,
  • morph and
  • summon centaur.

  • ingredient

    fly agarric

    Harpies are extremely useful collectors but very poor troops.
    Centaurs are also collectors, but what they lack in flying ability, they more than make up for in speed and attack strength. However morph has varied enough uses to make it top choice in this triplicate.

    Got a harpy tactic? let us know!