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" a magically animated skeleton, equipped with a large sabre. "

good attack
fast moving
doesn't burn
resist sharp weapons
picks up
hardly affected by fear
weak against magic
low health
needs explicit orders
can't eat

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experience promotions


The chief skeleton has double the attack strength.

lord - "fear"

A skeleton lord can cast fear to scatter enemy troops.

tips and tactics

using skeletons

It has little self motivation, so its AI dictates that it will do exactly what it is tasked to do. It will not take the initiative and attack nearby enemies, only those it is tasked to attack or if it is attacked itself. Weapons that are not 'blunt' will do half damage against skeletons (fire, arrows, etc.).

A horde of skeletons led by a skeleton lord will be a very effective combination - driven into a maddening frenzy of whirling sabres in close combat. defeating a skeleton

defeating skeletons

Two hits of a fireball or a single shot of dragon's breath should easily finsih off these weak critters.

alternative spell choices

The skeleton is not disimilar to a zombie - weaker, but faster.

The spell ingredient nightshade can produce the spells:
  • summon skeleton,
  • fireball and
  • bury

  • ingredient


    The fireball is a weak and inaccurate weapon, but skeletons can be handy, cheap troops to have at your disposal. I would only take in bury above skeletons if I hadn't already got judgement.

    Got a skeleton tactic? let us know!