totem of light

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" Totem of light gives extra visibility, clearing fog-of-war to reveal unexplored terrain."
Alignment: Law.

aids landscape dominance

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tips and tactics

using totem of light

The totem of light has an extraordinarily large line of sight (LOS) allowing you to see enemy comings and goings over a large portion of the map.

defeating totem of light

Like the others totems of resurrection, remote casting and life , the physical structure takes relatively little damage before safetly imploding.

alternative spell choices

Totem of light is not at all unique. Since it offers no other special abilities, it is no different to the LOS of any summonable creature.
Indeed, a lord eagle can actually see further that it!

The spell ingredient zircon can produce the spells:
  • summon dwarf boar rider,
  • teleport and
  • totem of light.

  • ingredient


    Without any other special abilities, the totem of light ofers little more scanner range than many creatures LOS, and although the dwarf boar rider has a comedy edge to most troops, teleport is a real wizard lifeline. No contest.

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