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" Cast on a location, bury causes undead creatures to die. The creature is sucked under the ground, and replaced by a tombstone which fades after a period of time. "
Alignment: Lawful

Bury casters include:

  • lord faeries

    multiple killer
    requires the right target

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    tips and tactics

    using bury

    Bury does not leave corpses on the terrain, therefore it stops the enemy from using raise dead on dead troops. This is particularly useful in areas guarded by a totem of resurrection.

    It also stops carrion creatures like lord and chief wolves, and all trolls, from feeding on dead bodies, and regaining health.

    Any creature can be resurrected, but undead lawful troops are hard to bury, while undead chaos troops are easy to bury.

    defeating bury

    Bury only works on undead creatures, so the less creatures you summon, especially undead ones, the less effective the spell will be against you.

    Fortunately, undead creatures (those raised from the dead using raise dead or totem of resurrection) are visibly no different, and therfore cannot be determined by an enemy weilding the bury spell.

    alternative spell choices

    Bury is similar to judgement but is much cheaper to use. The main difference is that bury works [outright] on undead creatures (based on a saving throw), whereas judgement works [by an amount] on chaos creature.
    For example, a dragon is not undead and will not be affected by bury, but is a chaos creature so would be heavily injured by judgement.

    The spell ingredient nightshade can produce the spells:
  • summon skeleton,
  • fireball and
  • bury

  • ingredient


    The fireball is a weak and inaccurate weapon, but skeletons can be handy, cheap troops to have at your disposal. I would only take in bury above skeletons if I hadn't already got judgement.

    Got a bury tactic? let us know at tips@magicandmayhem.co.uk