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" The Griffin is a magical beast with the body of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle. "

great upgrades
high combat
high health
average defence
can't pick up!

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experience promotions

chief - "magical sight"

Chief griffins have the ability to see invisible creatures. When a griffin spots an invisible creature, it will be revealed (the creature becomes visible) for all of the griffin's allied creatures to see.

lord - "magic eye"

A lord griffin will cast magic eye on local enemies, making them much easier to keep track of.

tips and tactics

using griffins

defeating griffins

Griffin's are flying creatures, and therefore can be killed by turning them to stone whilst in flight, using the gorgon's stare spell, which a chief demon will also cast automatically.

alternative spell choices

The griffin is a very valuable troop.

The spell ingredient silver can produce the spells:
  • totem of resurrection,
  • totem of guarding and
  • summon griffin.

  • ingredient


    The quality and diversity of the talisman possibilities makes this a tough spell choice. Despite the power of the totem of resurrection, each incarnation still takes up a valuable creature control limit place, as does the totem of guarding. Griffin does likewise, but allows for a more mobile battle, and thus summon griffin is the spell of most note here

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