totem of resurrection

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" If a creature dies within the radius of the totem of resurrection (regardless of who 'owns' the creature), it is resurrected using raise dead and placed under the control of the wizard who created the totem.
That resurrected creature will now be undead."
Alignment: Chaos.

creates armies for free

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tips and tactics

using the totem of resurrection

This totem is hugely powerful, against opponents who don't make an effort to destroy them. By tactically placing them in important positions where battles are common (bridges, doorways, places of power), your creature count will slowly grow (as creatures die near them, and are resurrected on your team) without your wizard needing to be anywhere nearby!

In addition, like raise dead the creatures created can excede your maximum creature count. Don't ask me why, but it's worth utilising!

defeating the totem of resurrection

Simply make every effort to destroy them, before attacking any enemy creatures nearby. They are not very strong, and require nothing more then hand to hand combat to destroy them.

alternative spell choices

The totem of resurrection is really a localised, automated raise dead spell.

The spell ingredient silver can produce the spells:
  • totem of resurrection,
  • totem of guarding and
  • griffin.

  • ingredient


    The quality and diversity of the talisman possibilities makes this a tough spell choice. Despite the power of the totem of resurrection, each incarnation still takes up a valuable creature control limit place, as does the totem of guarding. Griffin does likewise, but allows for a more mobile battle, and thus summon griffin is the spell of most note here

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