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" Teleport allows the casting wizard to select a valid position within a given range and move himself immediately to that position without needing to travel there.
The player cannot teleport into an area where a friendly unit cannot see."
Alignment: Neutral

Self-teleporting creatures include:

  • chief wraiths (allied dryads)

    great escape tactic
    requires line of sight

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    tips and tactics

    using teleport

    Teleport is primarily useful for escaping your wizard from dangersous situations.

    However, it can also be used to traverse the landscape quickly (though this will use a significant amount of mana).

    It's also perfect for jumping into a location, letting off a close range spell, and then leaping out.

    defeating teleport

    You can't stop teleport. It's too quick for disenchant to take any effect.

    Your best tactic is to track the wizard using magic eye or with something with a large sight range such as a lord eagle or totem of light. Then when the enemy reappears at a new point on the map, you can instantly spot them and continue your attack.

    alternative spell choices

    Teleport is a unique ability, copied only by chief wraiths when they are about to die.

    The spell ingredient zircon can produce the spells:
  • summon dwarf boar rider,
  • teleport and
  • totem of light.

  • ingredient


    Without any other special abilities, the totem of light ofers little more scanner range than many creatures LOS, and although the dwarf boar rider has a comedy edge to most troops, teleport is a real wizard lifeline. No contest.

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