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" Cast on a creature, this spell will instill bloodlust, causing the creature to exhibit 'berserker' qualities (e.g. increased attack strength)"
Alignment: Neutral

Self-bloodlusting creatures include:

  • minotaurs (when low health)
  • lord goblin (+ allied goblins)

    limited duration

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    tips and tactics

    using bloodlust

    Bloodlust costs a set value to cast, so use it on a more expensive creature (with more powerful attack), which is better value-for-mana than using it on the lesser creatures whose attack increase will be insignificant.

    The bloodlust spell is not a single shot like some other enchantment spell, and the effect will eventually wear off. This housekeeping makes it very tedious to use.

    defeating bloodlust

    Bloodlust, like any other enchantment spell, can be dispelled with disenchant.

    alternative spell choices

    Bloodlust is a unique spell effect, but an insignificant one. While bloodlust increases attack briefly, iron skin increases defence.

    The spell ingredient bloodstone can produce the spells:
  • vampire,
  • bloodlust and
  • subversion.

  • ingredient


    All three spells here are offensive. Bloodlust is rarely used. It can produce the ultimate strength army for a moment, but it requires a lot of housekeeping due to requiring many shots (being a of a timed duration). A vampire is a very cheap troop, extremely versatile and an excellent morph target. However, subversion is the spell of choice here. Even when things seem hopeless, you can subvert a creature which suits your tactics, or already has good tactical positioning, and get back into the game. Subversion is one the most enemy-annoying moves available - neither vampire nor bloodlust can reproduce the same level of howling from your human opponent...

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