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" Cast on a creature or wizard, invisibility causes it to become invisible. Although the creature only appears to be faded to the casting player's view, enemy creatures cannot see them. Invisibility lasts for a given period of time."
Alignment: Neutral

Self-invibility creatures include:

  • wriath (when still)
  • chief dryads (when near trees)
  • chief spiders (when still)
  • lord wriath (+ nearby allies)

    limited, hidden duration

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    tips and tactics

    using invisibility

    Inivisibility is of course perfect for sneaking around.

    It can also be used aggressively, as the enemy cannot target you back if you're invisible.

    defeating invisibility

    Like any other enchantment spell, invisibility can be instantly removed with the area effect disenchant.

    Since an invisibile creature can't be targetted, area damage effects such as meteor shower and fire elemental can be usful in areas where you suspect a cloaked enemy to be.

    In addition, these weapons cause fire damage, (more info on burning here). and while the enemy is taking damage he will become visible. So fireball and dragon's breath fired at random, can uncover an ememy.

    alternative spell choices

    Invisibilty is unique as a casting spell.

    The spell ingredient tourmaline can produce the spells:
  • wraith,
  • invisibility and
  • magic eye.

  • ingredient


    The common theme between these spells is invisibility, with wraiths naturally exhibiting the effect, and magic eye being an invisibility tracker. All three are useful spells to have, but invisibility is a must-have spell. The wizard is so important to protect that invisibility and/or teleport ahould always be on hand.

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