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" When lure is cast, the target creature is attacked by any nearby creatures (allied or not).
This spell has a limited duration."
Alignment: Chaos

lure casting creatures are:

  • lord harpies

    limited duration

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    tips and tactics

    using lure

    There's absolutely no point on casting lure unless there's more than 1 enemy of a particular race in range, obviously.

    Where lure really comes in to it's own is stopping a pack of enemy troops in their tracks - cast the spell on one of them, and the rest will turn on the victim.

    defeating lure

    Like other enchantment, spells, lure can be instantly removed by casting the area effect disenchant

    alternative spell choices

    The lure effect is replicated by lord harpies.

    The spell ingredient mercury can produce the spells:
  • lure,
  • haste and
  • summon elf.

  • ingredient


    Lure and haste are OK for very specific occasions, but elves, especialy in numbers, are extemely useful.

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