wind elemental a.k.a. "tornado"

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" Cast on a location, the wind elemental appears in the form of a tornado, which lasts for a set period of time, before dispersing to nothing.
Any creatures in range of the suction, will be dragged to the base of the tornado before being thrown up into the air. The airborne creature will eventually be dropped at a random location on the map, and will suffer injuries from its fall."
Alignment: Neutral

looks great
normally sucks you in too!

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tips and tactics

using wind elemental

Although primarily an offensive weapon, you can use tornado on your own team for a number of reasons, such as a last resort to escape situations (though your creatures/wizards will take damage on landing).

Another good tactic is to use it on some cheap and expendable creatures of your own team such as a group of faeries or skeletons , throwing them to the ends of the landscape and thus clearing significant amounts of the unexplored fog-of-war.

A further use is to utilise the functionality that when the creatures land, damaged, they then begin a journey back to the point from which they were thrown. This means you can throw a group of your own creatures out from a single point, who will then slowly return from the surrounding areas, closing in like a net! And if you used minotaurs who on landing would take damage and thus possibly become bloodlusted, they'll return really mad!

defeating wind elemental

Practically nothing will stop a tornado in action, so the only defence is get out of the way quickly, using teleport

However, gorgon stare will root your creature/wizard to the floor, and the tornado will pass right on by!

Or how about sheltering in a building?
The tornado could be right outside the door, and you'd be as safe as, well, houses!

alternative spell choices

Used offensively, the wind elemental is an indiscriminate area damage effect, and thus could be replaced with meteor shower, fire elemental, bury or judgement

The spell ingredient phosphorus can produce the spells:
  • summon demon,
  • wind elemental and
  • totem of life.

  • ingredient


    This is another really tough spell choice. Despite the power of the wind elemental it does have alternatives, and the totem of healing does dictate a less roaming game play. Demon is the curent spell of choice here, due to it's power and stunning upgrades.

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