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" The wolf is a large, wild menacing beast. "

moves swiftly
weak defence
low health
can't pick up

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experience promotions

chief - "carrion"

Chief wolves gain the ability to devour corpses to restore health.

lord - "howl at the moon"

A wolf lord can issue a terrifying howl whenever enemy wolves are within a given range. This causes nearby enemy wolves to check against their intelligence or else become 'turned' to the lord wolves army as though a subversion spell has been cast.

tips and tactics

using wolves

used for scouting or opportunistic attacks.

defeating wolves

wolves will avoid conflict with creatures stronger than themselves, and will run away if seriously injured.

alternative spell choices

The wolf is nothing special, and zombies, skeletons and goblin will do a similar job.

The spell ingredient valerian can produce the spells:
  • raise dead,
  • summon wolf and
  • heal.

  • ingredient


    The wolf is a standard troop, and raise dead you to be constantly on top of the action to be effective, but heal is the most useful spell here. Heal keeps your troops healthy, more experienced, and therefore more likely to upgrade.

    Got a wolf tactic? let us know!