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" This spell causes the target creature to become infected with pestilence for a given period of time. A swarm of buzzing flies appear around the creature, who will slowly be drained of health. The creature wil not die, but will be so weak that any further weapon damage will be fatal."
Alignment: Chaos

pestilence casting creatures are:

  • lord zombie

    potentially very damaging
    doesn't harm the undead

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    tips and tactics

    using pestilence

    The most obvious use is to throw the spell into as big a pack of the enemy as possible, so it will spread.

    However, you can carry it much further, by giving it to one of you own creatures, and then sending that creature into the enemy camp to pass it on!
    Better still, if that creature is undead it will not be harmed by carrying the pestilence.

    defeating pestilence

    Some creatures are immune to pestilence. Since pestilence will be carried by creatures with flesh, wooden dryads, and the resurrected spirits of the knights will not catch it.
    In addition, undead creatures will not be harmed by it.

    Heal, used directly or via the totem of life will remove pestilence from an infected creature.

    And like any other enchantment spell, pestilence can be instantly removed with disenchant.

    alternative spell choices

    Pestilence is very unique, but lord zombies are infected automatically.

    The spell ingredient iron pyrite can produce the spells:
  • pestilence,
  • summon goblin and
  • iron skin

  • ingredient

    iron pyrite

    There are enough alternatives to the goblin to knock it out of the running. The trouble with iron skin, like bloodlust is that it's effect wears off just when you need it!
    Pestilence is much more reliable.

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