meteor shower

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" Cast on a location, this immediately causes a hail of meteors to fall from the sky for a period of time. Any creature hit by a meteor will take damage.
Meteors can also begin fires in the surrounding terrain."
Alignment: Chaos

ranged area of damage
very damaging

More info on burning here

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tips and tactics

using meteor shower

Whilst there are plenty of other options for a ranged damage effect like meteor shower. it is very quick, and offers the target very little chance to escape.

defeating meteor shower

When this spell goes off, you have no time to get away.

If you lucky enough to have any warning (through a previoulsy mis-targeted strike) try and get away from danger with invisibility, haste or teleport.

If you suspect a strike, do what little you can. Prevent damage by increasing your armour with iron skin, and heal yourself during and after the attack with heal.

alternative spell choices

Meteor shower is an offensive spell, So other offensive spells such as fireball, dragon's breath, lightning will serve a similarly aggressive attacking purpose.
However meteor shower is most like fire elemental - you only really need one or the other. Both are very damaging with their area effects, but the fire elemental has a delayed start, due the travel of it's seed projectile.

The spell ingredient brimstone can produce the spells:
  • meteor shower,
  • troll and
  • lightning.

  • ingredient


    Two out of three spells on this ingredient are the most powerful offensive spells available, and that unfortunately knocks the stong, but cheap trolls out of sight.
    The panel is decidely split between lighting and meteor shower: Lightning offers you a pin point damage option, whilst there are plenty of other options for a ranged damage effect like meteor shower. Therefore lighting is too quick and deadly an option to be without.

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