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" Elves are tall humanoids with pointed ears, that excel in ranged combat. Elves are also armed with a short dagger for hand-to-hand combat. "

good defence
long range combat skills
arced weapons
picks up
low health
poor close combat

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experience promotions

chief - "silver tipped arrows"

An elven chief fires a silver tipped arrow. These magical arrows, when used against undead creatures will do x4 damage against them (except skeletons).

lord - "flaming silver + scythian bow!"

The elven lord fires a flaming silver tipped arrow. This not only does damage on creatures as before (ie. more damage on undead), but also has an additional 'flame' damage that is applied to creatures, doing more damage. This flame will also set alight burnable artifacts and units.

In addition, a lord elf will be able to cast scythian bow on local allies.

tips and tactics

using elves

Elves fire arced weapons. This allows them to fire over certain obstacles (like low walls, etc.).

Arrows are 3 times more damaging against dragon scales. A group of elves can bring a dragon down.

defeating elves

Arrows are ineffectual against skeletons, doing them very little damage.

alternative spell choices

The elf is similar in behavior to the other, low end troops with long range combat skills, faeries and giant spiders

The spell ingredient mercury can produce the spells:
  • lure,
  • haste and
  • summon elf

  • ingredient


    Lure and haste are OK for very specific occasions, but elves, especialy in numbers, are extemely useful.

    Got an elf tactic? let us know!