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" This spell creates a magical sword above a creature's head, which will swipe at enemy units independantly of the creatures actions, increasing the HTH attack damage of the troop.
The excalibur sword remains until the enchanted creature is slain, or removed with disenchant.
Only one weapon may exist above a creatures head - if scythian bow is cast on a creature already using excalibur, then the sword is replaced with the bow."
Alignment: Lawful

Excalibur casters include:

  • lord knights

    unlimited duration

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    tips and tactics

    using excalibur

    If you've got the spare mana, cast in on as many of your troops as you can to make them more powerful in battle,

    Why not cast it above you wizards head. There's no reason not to have the extra attach strength for when you may need it later.

    defeating excalibur

    Like any other enchantment spell, excalibur can be instantly removed with the area effect disenchant.

    If it suits your particular battle, it can also be replaced on the attacking creature by casting scythain bow to replace it.

    Excalibur cannot be cast on an enemy!

    alternative spell choices

    Excalibur is the hand-to-hand combat version of the long range scythian bow. Both perform a similar task.

    The spell ingredient moonstone can produce the spells:
  • dragon's breath,
  • summon dryad and
  • excalibur

  • ingredient


    Despite the extra abilities of healing and invisibily, the dryad is hopeless. Dragon's breath probably just comes out on top of this forgettable selection, because it's damage is ranged, and the burning caused by the large impact can last long afterwards.

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