gorgon stare

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"This causes the target creature to turn to stone for a period of time, rendering it helpless.
If a stone creature is impacted with a mighty blow, there is a chance of it exploding.
If gorgon stare is cast on a flying creature, then the stone creature will plummet to the ground, and explode on impact. "

Alignment: Chaos

Gorgon stare casters include:

  • lord demons

    effective againt flyers
    limited duration

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    tips and tactics

    using gorgon's stare

    First and foremost, gorgons stare is used to kill flying creatures with ease. This is an especially effective way to deal with the troublesome creatures dragon and griffin, both of who fall to the ground and smash when turned to stone while airborne.

    Secondly, Gorgon Stare can be used to stop time. If you Gorgon Stare an enemy wizard, you will have more opportinity to strike them with an offensive weapon such as fireball, dragon's breath, lightning, meteor shower or fire elemental, or even more creative attacks such as a totem of guarding or gooey blob, while the wizard is helpless.

    Thirdly, a creature turned to stone only takes a singularly heavy blow to be blown apart. A storm giant's projected rock, or a troll's hammer, delivers the intense impact required to dispatch an enemy unit in a single blow,

    Finally, a creature turned to stone will be unaffected by a tornado! Where this looks most impressive is turning your wizard to stone in the midst of a fight, (left click the gorgon stare spell, then right click your wizard portait to cast it easily), then cast a wind elemental. All the creatures around you will be sucked up into the air, leaving just your wizard firmly in place!

    defeating gorgon's stare

    Gorgon stare, like any other enchantment spell, can be dispelled with disenchant.

    However once gorgon stared, a flying creature can unfortuneately not be disenchanted, to save it from falling.
    Also, you cannot force you own flying creatures to immediately land. One you see gorgon stare is being used, you should move away flying creatures.

  • Despite turning to stone, you can still burn!
  • You cannot teleport while turned to stone

    A lord dragon is immune to gorgon stare.

  • alternative spell choices

    Gorgon stare is a mid-range spell, and quite unique.

    The spell ingredient obsidian can produce the spells:
  • gorgon stare,
  • disenchant and
  • summon knight.

  • ingredient


    Disenchant is the nemisis of gorgon's stare, and can be useful to have if your opponent's tactics relies heavily on enchantment spells.
    And while the knight is a useful dragon killer, NOTHING kills a dragon like gorgon stare, the spell of choice here

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