mountain giant

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" Mountain Giants are powerful, but stupid. A giant's punch is a ranged impact, doing damage not only to the creature it is attacking, but to others close by. Even your own! "
Alignment - Neutral

very strong
very damaging
ranged punch impact
picks up
very slow
very stupid

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experience promotions

chief - "stone smash"

A lord mountain giant can kill any creature turned to stone (using gorgon stare) in a single hit

lord - "fatal hit"

A lord mountain giant will kill any creature in a single hit!

tips and tactics

using mountain giants

Be careful when using them - mountain giants will cause damage to your own troops if they are close by the enemy creature it is attacking.

defeating mountain giants

alternative spell choices

The mountain giant is similar to a minotaur but significantly more powerful, and clumsy.

The spell ingredient diamond can produce the spells:
  • summon dragon,
  • summon mountain giant and
  • summon storm giant.

  • ingredient


    Dragon, mountain giant and storm giant are supposedly the top creatures in each alignment, so all are powerful in their own ways.
    The mountain giant's indiscriminate punch can cause as much injury to your own local troops as to the targetted enemy, and without a long range attack, it puts this creature last on the list.
    Whilst the storm giant may also be slow, the range of it's long range combat throws, and the amount of damage the projectile produces makes it formidable.
    However, the dragon comes out on top because it flies, it travels fast, and has a long range attack, all three qualities of which easily compensate for it being the most vunerable

    Got a mountain giant tactic? let us know!