dragon's breath

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" Dragon's breath is a large stream of flame projected from the casting wizard. The fireball impacts as an area effect, setting alight all creatures and artefacts in range."
Alignment: Chaos

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tips and tactics

using dragon's breath

The projectile travels in a straight line - so make sure the path is clear.

Dragon's breath has ranged impact (damage occurs to units within a specified impact radius) - this can make it very dangerous to use in proximity to your own troops.

Some creatures such as dryads are particularly vunerable to fire weapons, so dragon's breath will not only greatly damage them on impact, but will make them burn afterwards. More info on burning is available in the glossary.

defeating dragon's breath

It has ranged damage, therefore stick close to the enemy for the impact - fire will not discriminate between friend and foe.

Alternatively, dragon's breath can be dodged, so the longer the distance it travels, the better.

An effective tactic is to give your wizard a number of waypoints (shift click locations) to keep it on the move so dragon's breath misses, allowing you to concentrate on firing your own spells in retaliation.

alternative spell choices

Dragon's breath is a basic offensive spell. So other offensive spells such as fireball, lightning, meteor shower and fire elemental will serve a similarly aggressive attacking purpose.
Alternatively, a dragon will eventually upgrade experience levels to attack with dragon's breath.

The spell ingredient moonstone can produce the spells:
  • dragon's breath,
  • summon dryad and
  • excalibur

  • ingredient


    Despite the extra abilities of healing and invisibily, the dryad is hopeless. Dragon's breath probably just comes out on top of this forgettable selection, because it's damage is ranged, and the burning caused by the large impact can last long afterwards.

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