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" Trolls are large, ugly humanoids, armed with an oversized, wooden hammer. "
alignment: neutral

excellent combat rating
high health
eat corpses to regain health
not undead
picks up
slow moving

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experience promotions

chief - "stone smash"

A chief troll will have double damage against any stone creatures.

lord - "iron skin"

A lord troll has the ability to cast iron skin on local allied trolls, to produce a very tough fighting force.

tips and tactics

using trolls

Trolls are extremely cheap for their power.

defeating trolls

A wizard using trolls, can't have
  • meteor shower, or
  • lightning
    and that's great news for it's enemies.

  • alternative spell choices

    Trolls are similar to minotaurs, but less effective and without self bloodlust.

    The spell ingredient brimstone can produce the spells:
  • meteor shower,
  • troll and
  • lightning.

  • ingredient


    Two out of three spells on this ingredient are the most powerful offensive spells available, and that unfortunately knocks the stong, but cheap trolls out of sight.
    The panel is decidely split between lighting and meteor shower: Lightning offers you a pin point damage option, whilst there are plenty of other options for a ranged damage effect like meteor shower. Therefore lighting is too quick and deadly an option to be without.

    Got a troll tactic? let us know!