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" Centaurs are half horse, half man. They carry a lance for HTH combat. "

very fast
fairly tough
not undead
picks up
no long range combat skills
ground based

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experience promotions

chief - "sharpened spear"

Inflicts double the attack damage.

lord - "heal"

The lord centaur will usefully heal nearby allied centaurs, not unlike a mobile totem of life

tips and tactics

using centaurs

Centaurs are extremely fast ground troops.

defeating centaurs

Centaurs aren't chaos alignment or undead, so there's no spell based way to kill them. They need to be killed with conventional means.

alternative spell choices

The centaur is a great medium strength based troop to have. An good alternative would be the minotaur.

The spell ingredient fly agarric can produce the spells:
  • summon harpy,
  • morph and
  • summon centaur.

  • ingredient

    fly agarric

    Harpies are extremely useful collectors but very poor troops.
    Centaurs are also collectors, but what they lack in flying ability, they more than make up for in speed and attack strength. However morph has varied enough uses to make it top choice in this triplicate.

    Got a centaur tactic? let us know!