iron skin

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" Cast on a creature, iron skin will cause the creature to have a greater defense rating. The creature visibly turns to liquid metal."
Alignment: Lawful

Iron skin casters include:

  • lord trolls

    limited duration

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    tips and tactics

    using iron skin

    defeating iron skin

    Like any other enchantment spell, iron skin can be instantly removed with the area effect disenchant.

    alternative spell choices

    Iron skin is unique as a casting spell, but lord knights gain the ability to automatically cast iron skin local allied creatures.

    The spell ingredient iron pyrite can produce the spells:
  • pestilence,
  • summon goblin and
  • iron skin

  • ingredient

    iron pyrite

    There are enough alternatives to the goblin to knock it out of the running. The trouble with iron skin, like bloodlust is that it's effect wears off just when you need it!
    Pestilence is much more reliable.

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