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" Disenchant is cast on a location, causing a large area effect spell to occur. The effect will cancel any magic that is currently within the area, usually 'enchantment' magic that has been 'attached' to a creature or wizard."
Alignment: Neutral

More info on enchantments here

Self-disenchanting creatures include:

  • lord minotaurs

    nulifies many spells

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    tips and tactics

    using disenchant

    Either use it to remove spells on the enemy units which make them more powerful, like excalibur, scythian bow, bloodlust, haste, iron skin, invisibility and morph.

    ...or use it to remove enchantment spells on your own units, which make them more vunerable, like pestilence, lure, gorgon stare, fear and magic eye.

    defeating disenchant

    You can't - other than recasting the enchantment spell that was removed.

    However, by virtue of the spell ingredient sharing., an enemy wizard with disenchant can't have gorgon stare or a knight, both of which are dragon killers.
    So an enemy with disenchant is slightly more susceptable to dragon attack.

    alternative spell choices

    Disenchant is completely unique.

    The spell ingredient obsidian can produce the spells:
  • gorgon stare,
  • disenchant and
  • summon knight.

  • ingredient


    Disenchant is the nemisis of gorgon's stare, and can be useful to have if your opponent's tactics relies heavily on enchantment spells.
    And while the knight is a useful dragon killer, NOTHING kills a dragon like gorgon stare, the spell of choice here

    Got a disenchant tactic? let us know at tips@magicandmayhem.co.uk