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" Cast on a location, fear causes a screaming skull to appear at the casting location. All enemy creatures in range will run away from that location in fear, not being able to attack normally until the effect above their heads had finished. Creatures will be scared for an amount of time, on a per-creature basis."
Alignment: Chaos

Fear casters include:

  • lord skeletons

    affects large number of enemy
    very short duration

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    tips and tactics

    using fear

    Although it only last for a short time, fear can be sucessfully cast to make enemy creatures briefly vacate important positions, particularly places of power, which you can then take occupation of before they return.

    defeating fear

    Fear doesn't really last long enough to worry about, but like any other enchantment spell, it can be instantly removed by casting the area effect disenchant

    scaredy cats - very afraid of fear are:
  • faerie
  • centaur
  • elf
  • griffin
  • storm giant

  • hardcases - not very afraid of fear are:
  • skeleton
  • zombie
  • dragon
  • and other chaos troops

  • alternative spell choices

    Fear is an offensive enchantment spell, which will displace enemy troops. wind elemental will also re-locate enemy troops from their chosen destinations, but is indiscriminate between teams.
    No creatures upgrades to use fear :(

    The spell ingredient lapis lazuli can produce the spells:
  • fear,
  • summon minotaur and
  • totem of pacifism.

  • ingredient

    lapis lazuli

    All three spells are completely different, and your choice comes down to your tactics: will you be a defensive wizard, an aggressive wizard, or a summoning wizard? Fear can be effectively wielded to part waves of enemy troops, totem of pacifism can be handy in times of protection of your wizard or important locations, but unless you have the centaurs, minotaurs are an effective troop of choice.

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