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" Faeries are very small, winged females in revealing armour. When moving, faeries are seen as a ball of light that flits about as it moves (ala wilo-the-wisps). "

very fast
weak long range attack
very weak
very affected by fear
cant pick up!

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experience promotions

chief - "increased offense"

The chief faerie has double the range and attack strength of it's long range daggers.

lord - "bury"

The lord faerie has the ability to cast bury upon undead enemies.

tips and tactics

using faeries

They are ideal scouts.

Despite a very poor weapon, a large group of faeries can begin to wear down larger creatures though with a constant barrage of their projectiles.

Keep faeries moving. Only when static (or when already damaged, and thus made visible) can they be hit with conventional weapons.

defeating faeries

Faeries can only be damaged when in humanoid form (when hit, or when not moving).

When it is moving in its 'light ball' form, it cannot be hit by conventional weapons. But it can be hit by splash damage like that from mountain giants or storm giants
When a faerie is damaged and becomes 'visible', it can be hit by conventional weapons.

A fearie can be easily effected by the fear spell, allwing you to quickly displace a large group of them easily.

alternative spell choices

The faerie is similar to an eagle eagle but stronger and with a useful long range attack.

The spell ingredient psillosibin can produce the spells:
  • summon zombie,
  • summon eagle and
  • summon faerie.

  • ingredient


    All three of the creatures are bottom of the range, but being so cheap allows them to be cast in packs, ans in packs they can all be devastating. The fearie is the most powerful of the three able to move the fast to a target, and attack with a long range combat that the other two don't have.

    Got a faerie tactic? let us know!