fire elemental a.k.a. "apocalypse"

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" Essentailly, this spell is a fireball with a bigger impact effect. But what an impact effect! The grounded fireball expands into a huge, semi-humanoid form of flame, which laughs before exploding itself causing a radial blast of fire, and disapearing.
Nearby units, and terrain artifacts take damage and are set alight. "

Alignment: Chaos

very damaging
very expensive

More info on burning here

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tips and tactics

using fire elemental

The fire elemental is very powerful, but due to it's delayed start time it can allow you to cast it and make run for it before it reaches maximum damage, should tactics require.

defeating fire elemental

The fire elemental is indiscriminate in who it damages, therefore if you stick close to the enemy, they'll be less inclined to use it and dmage their own trrops.

alternative spell choices

Apocolypse is an offensive spell, So other offensive spells such as fireball, dragon's breath, lightning will serve a similarly aggressive attacking purpose.
However the Fire Elemental is most like meteor shower - you only really need one or the other. Both are very damaging with their area effects, but the fire elemental has a delayed start, due the travel of it's seed projectile.

The spell ingredient saphire can produce the spells:
  • fire elemental,
  • totem of remote casting and
  • judgement.

  • ingredient


    These spells are top end of the market, and are all very powerful.
    The Totem of Remote Casting facilitates a more landscape/'posession of POPS ' approach to the game, wearing the opponent down by starving him of mana. Apocalpyse is a massively damaging spell, but since it has a perfect equal in meteor shower, judgement is the spell of choice for saphire. It is still a huge effect but discriminatory - a wizard can stand in the middle of the effect while all around him chaos creatures bite the dust.

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