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" Cast on a creature, heal will return a number of health points to the creature."
Alignment: Lawful

Self-healing creatures include:

  • dryad (when near trees)
  • lord centaur (local centaurs)


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    tips and tactics

    using heal

    The obvious use is to prolong the life of your creatures and wizard.

    A bonus of keeping your creatures alive longer (using heal) is that they gain more experience, and are thus more likely to upgrade to have extra abilities.

    defeating heal

    Heal is a defensive spell, unlikely to be cast upon your troops by an enemy!

    alternative spell choices

    The heal can be replicated by using the totem of life, or by eating food.
    griffins also upgrade to become mobile healers, and dryads self heal near trees.

    The spell ingredient valerian can produce the spells:
  • raise dead,
  • summon wolf and
  • heal.

  • ingredient


    The wolf is a standard troop, and raise dead you to be constantly on top of the action to be effective, but heal is the most useful spell here. Heal keeps your troops healthy, more experienced, and therefore more likely to upgrade.

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