raise dead

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" Cast on a dead body, raise dead causes a dead creature to be resurrected, and join your army.
Any resurrected creature is classed as 'undead' and so will be affected in the same way as undead.
The amount of time that a creature has been dead (and rotted away) will define how strong/powerful/defensive the re-animated creature is. The longer it has been dead, the weaker it is."
Alignment: Chaos

Raise dead casters include:

  • lord vampires

    requires accurate casting
    fixed cost

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    tips and tactics

    using raise dead

    Raise dead costs a standard amount of mana, therefore it is better value to resurrect more expensive creatures.

    The quicker you use raise dead, the more powerful your resurrected creature will be.

    defeating raise dead

    A resurrected creature becomes undead, and therfore whatever species it is, it will be at the mercy of the bury spell.
    Once buried, a body is replaced by an etherial tombstone, and can never again be resurrected.

    alternative spell choices

    The raise dead spell is used by the immobile totem of resurrection, and very much mobile chief vampires

    The spell ingredient valerian can produce the spells:
  • raise dead,
  • summon wolf and
  • heal.

  • ingredient


    The wolf is a standard troop, and raise dead you to be constantly on top of the action to be effective, but heal is the most useful spell here. Heal keeps your troops healthy, more experienced, and therefore more likely to upgrade.

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