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" Cast on a creature or wizard, haste will increase the units speed for a period of time."
Alignment: Neutral

Self-healing creatures include:

  • lord dryads (allied dryads)

    limited duration

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    tips and tactics

    using haste

    Haste, like teleport will get your wizard out of trouble (or into the action) quicker.

    defeating haste

    Like any other enchantment spell, haste can be instantly removed with the area effect disenchant.

    alternative spell choices

    Haste is in some ways very similar to teleport in that it allows a creature/wazard to move to new location quicker than normal.
    No creatures upgrade to use it.

    The spell ingredient mercury can produce the spells:
  • lure,
  • haste and
  • summon elf

  • ingredient


    Lure and haste are OK for very specific occasions, but elves, especialy in numbers, are extemely useful.

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