totem of life a.k.a. "water elemental"

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" Cast on a location, this spell immediately suumons a totem of healing structure.
The water elemental is a healer. When an injured friendly unit is in a given range, the water elemental will rise, and casts a heal spell on the injured creature.
Like heal the totem will also remove pestilence from afflicated creatures."
Alignment: Lawful

free healing
slow recharge
no defence

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tips and tactics

using totem of life

These provide free healing to you troops, so can act as 'hospital'. Cast one in a safe location. When troops are heavily injured can you send them back to the safe location, to be refreshed. Your creatures will eventually be at full health, but due to earlier battles will also be more experienced and theremore more likely to upgrade upgrade to a stronger specemin when next in battle.

defeating totem of life

Simply destroy them. They are not very strong, and require nothing more than hand-to-hand combat to remove them.

alternative spell choices

Totem of life produces the same effect as heal, or eating food.
centaurs also upgrade to become mobile totems of life.

The spell ingredient phosphorus can produce the spells:
  • summon demon,
  • wind elemental and
  • totem of life.

  • ingredient


    This is another really tough spell choice. Despite the power of the wind elemental it does have alternatives, and the totem of healing does dictate a less roaming game play. Demon is the curent spell of choice here, due to it's power and stunning upgrades.

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