magic eye

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" Cast on any creature, this causes a 'magic eye' to be attached above the target. It allows the caster to see the creatures range of view, and uncover the fog of war.
The caster has no control over the creature. If this is cast on an enemy wizard, the wizard will see the magic eye above him."
Alignment: Lawful

Magic eye casters include:

  • lord griffins

    unlimited duration

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    tips and tactics

    using magic eye

    First of all, it infuriates the oposition, just to see your leacherous item stuck on a creature under their control.

    It's main use though is to drop on enemy creatures and keep track of them. So the obvious target is an enemy wizard - if you can get close enough to drop it on an enemy spellcaster. From that point on (magic eye doesn't wear off!) even if the enemy wizard teleports or makes itself invisible, you'll always know where it is. Very useful info that is too.

    defeating magic eye

    Like other enchantment spells, magic eye can be instantly removed by casting the area effect disenchant

    alternative spell choices

    Magic eye is a unique enchantment spell, but very similar in behavior to the more static/greater ranged totem of light

    The spell ingredient tourmaline can produce the spells:
  • wraith,
  • invisibility and
  • magic eye.

  • ingredient


    The common theme between these spells is invisibility, with wraiths naturally exhibiting the effect, and magic eye being an invisibility tracker. All three are useful spells to have, but invisibility is a must-have spell. The wizard is so important to protect that invisibility and/or teleport ahould always be on hand.

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