glossary of terms



not everything burns
The terrain does not burn. Most artefacts (trees, bushes, ground cover) do burn.
dryads are particulary susceptible to fire.
skeletons don't burn at all.

extinguishing fires
You can't put out fies. If your troops are on fire, you will have to wait for them to stop burning. Changing your skin to stone (gorgon stare) or metal (iron skin) will not help, nor will walking through water. Healing spells (heal) and (totem of life) will similarly have no effect.

chaos creatures

The following creatures are chaos alignment
  • zombie,
  • skeleton,
  • dwarf boar rider,
  • harpy,
  • wraith,
  • vampire,
  • demon
  • dragon
    They can be seriously harmed using
    bury or judgement.


    A collecting creature will, when idle, go out of it's way to pick up useful objects on the ground such as food and enchanted items. These creatures are:
  • harpy
  • goblin
  • elf
  • centaur
    Obviously this makes these creatures very useful in games where items have been set to be regenerate quickly.


    The following creatures CANNOT eat food to replenish energy
  • skeleton (no 'body' to digest)
  • wraith (essentially a skeleton too)
    Every other creature, and wizards, are able to eat food and restore health by doing so.


    The following spells are considered elementals (a spell which calls upon the power of an element, and then disperses)
  • fire elemental
  • wind elemental
    There is no water elemental, or earth elemental to complete the set. Both these elements are represented as artifacts which remain on the terrain, making them totems.

    enchantment spells

    Affected spell enchantments are weapons such as All enchantment spells can be instantly removed with the area effect disenchant

    flying creatures

    A flying creature can cover different paths to other creatures, flying over chasms, and over ledges, and in a quicker/shorter path, making them very useful. These creatures are:
  • harpy
  • dragon
  • eagle
  • griffin

  • However they can be seriously harmed using gorgon stare which causes them to turn to stone and fall to their deaths.

    hovering creatures

    The only difference between hovering creatures and normal foot soldiers is that hovering creatures can cross water. These creatures are:
  • wraith
  • vampire (in bat form)
  • faerie
    However unlike flyers, hovers turned to stone using gorgon stare do not fall to their deaths (they are not considered high enough) and thus are somewhat safer.

    law creatures

    The following creatures are chaos alignment
  • faerie,
  • elf,
  • centaur,
  • knight,
  • griffin,
  • storm giant,
    Lawful creatures can be healed by judgement.

    pickupers - creatures who pickup

    The following creatures CANNOT pick up items ( food or enchanted items) if tasked to do so:
  • dragon (feet/wings)
  • eagle (wings)
  • faerie (too small)
  • giant spider (feet)
  • griffin (feet/wings)
  • wolf (feet)
    Every other creature, and wizards, are able to pick up food and enchanted items from the landscape. However only wizards can pick up mana sprites.

    neutral creatures

    The following creatures are chaos alignment
  • eagle,
  • wolf,
  • goblin,
  • giant spider,
  • troll,
  • dryad,
  • minotaur
  • mountain giant


    The following list are totems
  • totem of life
  • totem of light
  • totem of guarding
  • totem of resurrection
  • totem of pacifism

    undead creatures

    These are the
  • zombie,
  • skeleton,
  • wraith,
  • vampire,
  • demon.
  • knight
    ...and ANY resurrected creature,
    (resurrected using raise dead or totem of resurrection )

    These creatures can be destroyed with bury
    These creatures cannot be harmed by with pestilence

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