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last updated: 19/01/2002
This section of the site details some of the more common problems that have been seen, along with possible fixes and/or workarounds. Please be careful when trying to apply some of these fixes - they are fairly technical and some can do bad things to your machine if performed incorrectly.
If in any doubt, or if none of these fixes work, or for any other problems, please contact VIE technical support.
Whenever contacting anyone about AOM, or asking technical questions in the forum,
please make sure you include a full description of your PC system.

installation problems? (95%/Disk 0 looking for Cab 3) - click here

operating systems issues? (does it run on windows95, XP) - click here

cursor problems? (hardware/disapearing) - click here

texture problems? (texture mip-mapping/poor quality) - click here

direct 3d problems? ('failed to start'/DX8/DX8.1) - click here

voodoo 2 problems? - click here

connection problems? (gamespy arcade) click here

miscellaneous issues? (inc. alt-tab) click here

hardware manufacturer contact details

more technical information available at

technical forum available at

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