frequently asked questions for Magic & Mayhem: the Art of Magic

Is it possible to download a demo of "Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic?"
Currently no demo is available - but guess where it'll be reported first as soon as there is! The latest status can be found at downloads

Will the storyline continue?
Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic, actually takes place many years before the storyline of the former Magic & Mayhem title. It takes place in the same world as the first game, but many the characters from the first game do not make an appearance.

Which Internet Gaming Service will AOM be on?
Internet play is going to be hosted through gamespy arcade. More details here

What was "Duel: the Mage Wars"?
Virgin Interactive (US) were originally going to handle the original title and didn't like the 'Magic & Mayhem' title, so they were renamed it 'Duel: The Mage Wars' in all their initial PR and marketing. Virgin Interactive (US) were liquidated when Viacom sold off Virgin Interactive. The title passed to Bethesda who sensibly went back the original title of 'Magic & Mayhem'

What specification machine will be required?
The most up to date details can be found here

Will there be new creatures
A number of the original creatures have made it back into the sequel, and some haven't at the expense of new creatures, but every creature has had a graphical overhaul. The full creature list can be found here.

The game claims to be both RTS and RPG. What are the role-playing features?
The structure of Magic and Mayhem: The Art of Magic is predominantly centered on a single wizard character that casts spells, summons creatures and controls his or her army. Within the game there are a number of ways of advancing this character, gaining new items and spells, receiving experience points to spend on upgrading the characters attributes, skills and magic prowess, as well as a shifting alignment dependant on spell usage. The single player campaign also sees this character gain party members, talk with characters throughout a large world map, explore new locations, goblin mines, dark woods, etc.

Can you help with the former title, Magic and Mayhem?
Check out our links to site supporting the former "Magic and Mayhem" title. If anyone out there knows of forums, and fansites for MM1 that we don't have included, then let us now and we'll update our help files.

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