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food summary

finding food
Landscapes will produce food. These objects will magically on the landscape during a game.
collecting food
Food objects can be picked up by certain creatures and wizards. A creature with pick up abilities can be tasked to pickup an object, whereas collector creatures when idle will automatically pick up food in range. Very useful.
using food
All food collected is returned to the wizard. The wizard can use this food itself, or the food can be dropped upon a creature who can eat, who's health will then be restored. This ability has no range - if you can see a creature on the map, you can give it food.
health values
Each food object restores a different amount of health. For example, an apple will restore 100 health units, while wine will restore 600 health units
apple bread fish meat pie wine







value:100 value:200 value:300 value:400 value:500 value:600

food tips and tactics

healing creatures in battle
By giving creatures food whilst they fight, you can prolong their life. Therfore they become more likely to survive the battle, and are more likely to upgrade through battle experience.

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