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Some site updates based on fan feedback.

Way's to deafeat skeletons and dryads, tactics for the totem of guarding, alternative methods for the completion of the azorian mountain and karnac prison campaign levels, bugs in the initiates training chamber, and a cool tactic for the karnac prison.

Thanks to john, govender, tom, alan, our friend lord warlock, and jonny.


"Art it is not, though it possesseth some magic - 3/5"

The review at sumarises the Art of Magic, " It's not the prettiest game in the world, and some of the visual design choices are disappointing. At its strategic heart, however, Art of Magic is a fairly entertaining blend of role-playing and tactical maneuvering, and that makes it worth a look especially if you enjoyed the original game. "


"unmemorable - 2/5"

The harshest review I've seen so far is at and sumarises the Art of Magic like this: " Ups: Nice visuals and animation; good maps. Downs: Repetitive play; not very strategic; clunky interface. "


release the wizards!








Still limited to the initial 8 wizards in battle mode?
completed the campaign, but still only got 26 characters to choose from?

Thanks to Hal and Jonathan, we've got the files you need to increase you compliment to the full thirty-three wizards, including these 7 that don't get released when completing the campaign.

Full details here.


The review at gamers temple sumarises the Art of Magic, " The unevenness of the campaign and awkward interface may prove to be too frustrating for some players. The skirmish mode can be enjoyable, though, and provides strategy gamers with an experience different from most other games in the genre. "


a lot of action and a few problems - 6.5/10

New review at armchair empire goes on " With more RPG elements or strategy elements or both, this game could have been a lot more fun. The game isn't without its merits however as what it does present, it does so with few problems. The game does present a lot of action and is sure to entertain gamers for at least a week or two, but in the long term, the game will unlikely enter the classic status of vanilla ice cream. "


FAQs continue to be updated on the technical support pages.


"a solid outing" - 85%

New review at sums up with " I have played about every fantasy RTS out there, including the original Magic and Mayhem, and I can only come to one conclusion about this game. It is a solid outing. It is hard at times, and you will have to redo several levels. The game offers nothing new to the RTS/RPG genre that veterans haven't seen before, but is the most complete effort out there."


walkthru first pass complete!

updated tactics for the last 3 levels, corsic plains, the village of nuoro and the hell pits of sassari. All campaign levels for "The Art of Magic" have now been addressed with a level summary, revealed map, tactics, suggested spell choices, wizard releases, bugs, and level flow. Further updates to follow as we get them.


a definite must-have title for the fantasy role player! - 83%

New review at gameraiders goes on "One of the most captivating features in this title is not the story line or the characters, but the visual effects. The fireballs and summoned creatures look great overall. The dragons look really awesome, especially when they breathe fire at their opponents. Two thumbs up in this department!"


If I had known magic was so pretty I would have gotten into it years ago! - 4 stars

New review at gamepen sums up with "What's to like: Good real strategy title with some minor role playing elements, great spell visuals. What's not to like: Blocky graphics and animation annoying voice-overs."


Did you know that if you complete greenhenge really quickly, then aurax stickman will become available to you in battle mode?

updated tactics for greenhenge


the-junkyard - 8.5/10

"Something that really grabs you about this game, is the attention to detail - right away you can see the gorgeous textures that have been applied to the landscapes. Down to the fluidity of the lakes and rivers to the branches and leaves on the trees."


" Overall, I must say that Art of Magic does an excellent job of providing a fairly unique gaming experience, and should more than live up to the expectations of Magic & Mayhem fans. The game looks great, plays great, requires quite a bit of strategy and thought, and should keep anyone busy for quite some time. As a word of warning, though, you should be fully aware of what you're getting into before you buy it, so I highly reccomend trying the demo first. It's completely unlike any other game, so it may be wise to figure out if you like the overall gameplay of AOM first. "


eurogamer - 5/10

" Art of Magic is bursting with novel ideas, but at the end of the day these elements just fail to gel into a rewarding game. The interface is a little clunky, the AI awful, the battles chaotic, the graphics variable and the mission balancing all wrong. The result is frustrating, as it's clear to see that this could have been a great game. Must try harder. "


tactics index updated

Do you know how to have the scanner cleared, or an army of excalibured knights at your command before even meeting the enemy!
Find out here


"The Art of Magic is spookily enjoyable, throwing enough challenges and new creatures at you to prevent boredom setting in. Granted, it's not radically different to the original, and if you can put up with the slightly hackneyed storyline, you'll get a kick out of this one. Or if you're just looking for real-time strategy game without tanks and planes in it, then The Art of Magic is well worth checking out. "


gamespy award AOM 79%

New review at sums up with "The Art of Magic is a neat little game. If you missed out on the original Magic and Mayhem now is your chance to redeem yourself, especially if you love multiplayer/skirmish modes and have the horses under the hood to run it."


elven isle realm map walkthrus in full!

updated tactics for all the azorian levels, including the village of glaval, the chaos encampment, the palace of azoria and the initiates training chamber.


HOT HEX virgins!

Paul Whipp (executive producer) and Jon Brooke (UK product and PR manager) from Virgin Interactive Entertainment risk their reputations by submitting their top six spells to our HOT HEX database.


refreshing and challenging - 7.5

New review at goes on to say " for all its fine features and its intelligence, it might be well... sad to say, a little too "different" or even "challenging" for many gamers at large. (Especially RTS players who like to spam the "Build Tank" button.)"


spell tactics updated

Did you know that:
scythian bow and excalibur can't be cast on enemies? (thanks to Julia for this)
or that gorgon stare can defeat a wind elemental? (thanks to Larry for this)
or that the tornado won't affect you in a building? (thanks to Larry for this)

You do now...

03-11-01 player review average - 5/5 - submit your own review


one of the best games to try and merge two genres,
and it does so very successfully - 90% goes on to say " without a doubt one of the strongest elements of Magic & Mayhem [is] the way in which it successfully combines the two types of game to produce an end result that is satisfying to play whatever your preference. This is a game that should appeal to strategy and role-playing fans alike, and may well even encourage strategy gamers to experiment with the occasional RPG and vice versa. "


The story has an epic scope - 7.8

The new review at continues " In the end Art of Magic ends up being a solid game that takes a number of elements from different genres. It doesn't go into a lot of depth on any of them, but nevertheless manages to be fun and entertaining. If you're looking for a fantasy-themed game which puts you into the middle of an epic story, Art of Magic is a good choice. "


In a word it's magic - 8/10.

The new review in PCgameplay (novemeber 2001 issue#18) goes on:

The 3D graphics engine is pretty and versatile, the computer AI crafty and the overall presentation excellent.


features don't gel, but they're entertaining - 6.5/10

Despite more glowing previews, gamespot have brought us down to earth with a meciocre review. The intelligently written report goes on to admire the spell system, but indentifies issues with the interface.