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images from the port - 11-10-01 (click for larger images)

disenchant on the pier on narrow walkways, lithe elves travel quickly aurax strides confidently through a wall of fire aurax heals his protective shield of elves

images from the demo - 10-09-01 (click for larger images)

aurax: now where did I leave that staff? aurax with wolves on the edge of the goblin camp aurax finally sees the goblin's point

25-08-01 (click for larger images)

liquid metal aurax, with orgon dragon duel aurax behind the power of his staff bury in the vampire lair

26-05-01 (click for larger images)

the terrorised village of cissbury the chaos plains home of the storm giant the troll settlement of cadir idris

26-03-01 (click for larger images)

zombies caught in a dragon's breath blast the elven isle a zombie blockade, with resurrection backup orgon leads a company of bloodlusted demons

12-03-01 (click for larger images)

hoop of destiny dwarf boars riders fight off a dragon attack the zombies emerge... orgon strides to victory

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